U8721 USB 高速光功率计模块 USB Optical Power Meter Module

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U8721 USB 高速光功率计模块 USB Optical Power Meter Module

U8721 为USB接口光功率计。它的采样周期可达到微秒量级,更快速地采集和处理数据。

U8721 is a USB interface optical power meter module. It’s sampling period achieves microsecond, and can collects and processes data at a high rate of speed.The U8721 optical power meter module provides a USB communication port connected with the PC. The operator uses its Demo program to control the UC8721, views the measurement values and sets the parameters. The U8721 optical power mete module offers superior performance in testing DWDM components , AWG&PLC components, optical amplifiers, and performing other general-purpose fiber optical test and measurement applications. Compared with other UC Instruments power meter modules, UC8721 features high speed sampling and compact dimension and It is especially suitable for the optical power meter sampling system which is assembled into various forms and multiple channels.


U8721 USB接口光功率计。它的采样周期可达到微秒量级,更快速地采集和处理数据。

U8721 光功率计模块采用USB通讯接口,可直接与PC机进行通讯,通过Demo程序显示数据和设置参数。UC8721 高速光功率计模块可用于高精密波分复用DWDM元件,AWG/PLC元件和其他通用的光纤的光学测量应用。相较于UC Instruments 其他型号的功率计,UC8721具有高速采样的特点,并且外形小巧、尤其适用于组装成多种形式,多个通道的光功率计采样系统。

技术规格 Specification



探测器类型Sensor Element

单通道 InGaAs

波长类型Wavelength Range

850 ~ 1700 nm

功率范围Power Range

+ 5 ~ -80 dBm


Power sampling   periodrate

10 us100KHz


Application   Fiber Type

标准单模和多模光纤,直径达 62.5 um

Standard SM and MM up to   62.5 um core size

绝对精度 Absolute

Uncertainty   (accuracy) at reference condition

± 4% (1200 nm ~ 1610 nm)

相对精度 Relative

Uncertainty   (accuracy) at reference condition

0.02 dB 典型值

功率线性度 Linearity   (power)

± 0.02 dB (1200 ~ 1610 nm, + 0 ~ -60 dBm)

回损 Return Loss

40 dB

校准周期calibration period


光输入接口 optical Input Interface


通讯接口Communication Interface


工作温度Operation Temperature

0   ~ +40

存储温度 Storage   Temperature

-30 ~ +80

外形尺寸 Dimensions

63mm H43 mm W150 mm D

重量 Weight

1.0 kg

备注:U8721 A/B/C 多种形式适合于不同环境使用。