U8710 PC控制可调谐激光光源扫描模块 PC Controlled Tunable Laser Source Sweep Modules

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U8710 PC控制可调谐激光光源扫描模块 PC Controlled Tunable Laser Source Sweep Modules

U8710 可调谐激光光源模块主要用于高精密波分复用DWDM元件, 光波导光栅阵列AWG元件, 平面光波导PLC元件, 光放大器EDFA和其它通用的光纤光学的测量和应用,尤其适用于光纤光栅传感器的快速扫描测试。性能高超,经济实用。

U8710 Tunable Laser Module offer superior performance for the testing of DWDM components, AWG & PLC components, optical amplifiers, and other general purpose fiber optic test and measurement applications. It’s specifically designed for fast sweep fiber grating sensor testing.

U8710 module can be connected to a PC with a USB cable. They are highly accurate, powerful, compact-sized, fast-starting, and affordable tunable laser source systems which provide C band, L band, or C + L band options. Module control software is also included on purchase. The module can also be integrated into any requested products system with RS232 interface controls and an output triggered BNC port.

U8710 调谐激光光源模块主要用于高精密波分复用DWDM元件, 光波导光栅阵列AWG元件, 平面光波导PLC元件, 光放大器EDFA和其它通用的光纤光学的测量和应用,尤其适用于光纤光栅传感器的快速扫描测试。性能高超,经济实用。

U8710 可调谐激光模块可通过USB线缆与电脑连接,使用优西仪器提供的 PC控制软件进行通讯,形成一个具有精度高,功率大、尺寸小巧、启动快速和价格实惠的可调谐激光光源测量系统。该设备有C波段, L波段, C+L波段的UC8710可调谐激光光源模块供选择,同时,这些模块可以通过RS232接口控制和BNC输出触发端口集成到客户的产品系统中。

型号 Model #




波长范围 Wavelength range

1525.00 to 1568.00 nm

1568.00 to 1610.00 nm

1525.00 to 1610.00 nm

输出功率 Output Power

13 dBm

10 dBm

7 dBm

波长分辨率   Wavelength  resolution

1.0  pm

绝对波长精度 Absolute   wavelength accuracy

±10 pm,   tpy. 5 pm

相对波长精度 Relative wavelength accuracy

± 5 pm,   Typ. ± 2 pm

波长重复性 Wavelength repeatability

±2 pm,   typ. ± 1  pm

波长稳定性Wavelength   stability

± 2 pm

调谐速度   Tuning speed

0.002 s per   step

功率稳定性   Power stability

± 0.01dB, 15min±0.051 hour±0.1 dB, 24 hours.

功率重复性   Power repeatability

± 0.05 dB

功率线性度 Power linearity

± 0.3 dB

功率波长平整度Power Over wavelength Ripple

0.3 dB typ., 0.5 dB   max.

边模抑制比   Side-mode Suppression   ratio

45 dB

光输出接口 Output optical interface

PM,  FC/APC FC/PC connector

通讯接口 interface

RS232 or USB

输出触发端口 Output trig port

BNC trig

电源功率 Power

3.3 V; 4.5A

外形尺寸 Dimensions

235 mm W, 55mm   H, 160 mm D

重量 Weight

0.5 kg