U8142CL CL 波段ASE光源 CL Band ASE Light Source

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U8142CL CL 波段ASE光源 CL Band ASE Light Source

U8142CL CL波段ASE宽带光源采用掺铒光纤增益放大,配合光谱平坦技术, 和蝶形封装器件,通过高稳定性驱动控制电路组建成单波段连续输出光源。单波段带宽可达83 nm。

U8142CL CL波段宽带光源具有功率稳定性高、尺寸小巧、启动快速和价格实惠等特点,提供波长范围1527 ~ 1610nm波段的宽带光源输出。

   U8142CL CL-band ASE broadband light source adopts erbium-doped fiber gain amplification, combined with spectral flattening technology, and butterfly packaging devices. The single-band continuous output light source is constrUted by high stability driving and controlling circuit. The single band bandwidth can reach 40nm.

   U8142CL CL Band ASE light source has the advantages of high power stability, small size, fast start and affordable price. It provides the output of the broadband light source in the wavelength range of 1527 ~ 1610 nm.

U8142CL CL波段ASE宽带光源采用掺铒光纤增益放大配合光谱平坦技术, 和蝶形封装器件,通过高稳定性驱动控制电路组建成单波段连续输出光源。单波段带宽可达83 nm

U8142CL CL波段宽带光源具有功率稳定性尺寸小巧、启动快速和价格实惠等特点,提供波长范围1527 ~ 1610nm波段的宽带光源输出。


技术规格 Specification

型号 Model #


工作波长 Operation Wavelength

1527 ~ 1610nm

光谱平坦度 Spectral Flatness


输出功率 Output Power Option

10mW / 20mW

光谱密度 Spectral Density


接口类型 Connector Type

FC/APC (其它类型可选other adaptor can be customized)

光谱密度稳定性(15 分钟)

Spectral Density Stability within 15mins

± 0.01 dBm/nm

输出功率稳定性(15 分钟)

Output Power Stability within 15mins  

±0.01 dB


Output Power Stability within 8 hrs

± 0.02 dB

工作模式 Operation Model

连续光输出   CW

光纤类型 Fiber Type

Single Mode SFM-28

工作温度 Operation Temperature

0  +40

储存温度 Storage Temperature

-30  +80

供电电源 Power Supply

AC 110 ~ 220 V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz, 20W

外形尺寸 Dimensions

235mm W, 55 mm H, 320 D mm

重量 Weight

2.0 kg